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Leading Tribes of Wales

 Rank  Tribe  County  Province  Score  Members
1st Brindley Monmouthshire Wales (East) 6,160 4
2nd Jones Bridgend Wales (South) 6,050 1
3rd Jones Gwynedd Wales (West) 4,860 3
4th Pellow Vale of Glamorgan Wales (South) 4,450 3
5th Ellis Gwynedd Wales (West) 4,390 1
6th Jones Ceredigion Wales (West) 3,900 1
7th Daniels Carmarthenshire Wales (South) 3,510 2
8th Lewis Neath Port Talbot Wales (South) 2,870 1
9th Ford Merthyr Tydfil Wales (South) 2,730 3
10th Owen Carmarthenshire Wales (South) 2,150 1
11th Ashton Bridgend Wales (South) 1,670 1
12th Rees Powys Wales (East) 1,550 1
13th Bell Monmouthshire Wales (East) 1,400 1
14th Kealy Flintshire Wales (East) 1,270 2
15th Jones Isle of Anglesey Wales (North) 1,220 2
16th Kinsey Powys Wales (East) 1,150 1
17th Byrt Rhondda Cynon Taff Wales (South) 1,010 1
18th Cox Conwy Wales (North) 990 1
19th Hillyard Vale of Glamorgan Wales (South) 970 1
20th Jarman Carmarthenshire Wales (South) 840 1

Leading Players of Wales

 Rank  Tribe  County  Province  Score
1st Jones Bridgend Wales (South) 6,050
2nd Jones Gwynedd Wales (West) 4,590
3rd Ellis Gwynedd Wales (West) 4,390
4th Jones Ceredigion Wales (West) 3,900
5th Daniels Carmarthenshire Wales (South) 3,270
6th Lewis Neath Port Talbot Wales (South) 2,870
7th Brindley Monmouthshire Wales (East) 2,600
8th Owen Carmarthenshire Wales (South) 2,150
9th Brindley Monmouthshire Wales (East) 1,960
10th Ford Merthyr Tydfil Wales (South) 1,940
11th Pellow Vale of Glamorgan Wales (South) 1,780
12th Ashton Bridgend Wales (South) 1,670
13th Rees Powys Wales (East) 1,550
14th Bell Monmouthshire Wales (East) 1,400
15th Pellow Vale of Glamorgan Wales (South) 1,370
16th Pellow Vale of Glamorgan Wales (South) 1,300
17th Brindley Monmouthshire Wales (East) 1,180
18th Kinsey Powys Wales (East) 1,150
19th Jones Isle of Anglesey Wales (North) 1,130
20th Kealy Flintshire Wales (East) 1,080

Top Movers of Wales

 Rank  Tribe  County  Province  Score  Members
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