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About Wales101

Wales 101's vision is to 'Connect people with Welsh ancestry and cultural connections around the world'.



We want to:




  • Distil amazing Welsh culture and heritage and share it in a truly innovative and fun way across Welsh Diaspora
  • Make your ancestral connection to Wales more and more relevant to your daily lives, no matter where you live
  • Enable relationships to grow between you and Welsh regions of your ancestral origin
  • Create online environments that foster group learning and sharing about Welsh culture and heritage




Some of my family migrated from wales to England but we don’t directly know any of our ancestors. We also know our Jones side came from the Abergavenny area, But we don’t directly know how. We also have Gatehouse family from Pontypool & Aberychan area who married an Irish Quinn and then later generation moved to London. Obviously Jones is a widely held name and trying to find who ours are is not an easy tasc. We would love to know some answers.

James Watkins

My Surname - ‘Watkins’ -I’ve read originated from the Welsh Marches also I’ve read it’s Scandinavian being more predominant on the North East of England . Can anyone shine some light on its origins ?

Trevor Griffiths

Why does the boys baby names only go up to T??


I have a distant relative who married in Kensington, England by the name of Dorothy Clawr Burin (b. ~1716). Is this a Welsh name?

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