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About Wales101

Wales 101's vision is to 'Connect people with Welsh ancestry and cultural connections around the world'.



We want to:




  • Distil amazing Welsh culture and heritage and share it in a truly innovative and fun way across Welsh Diaspora
  • Make your ancestral connection to Wales more and more relevant to your daily lives, no matter where you live
  • Enable relationships to grow between you and Welsh regions of your ancestral origin
  • Create online environments that foster group learning and sharing about Welsh culture and heritage



#6 James Watkins

My Surname - ‘Watkins’ -I’ve read originated from the Welsh Marches also I’ve read it’s Scandinavian being more predominant on the North East of England . Can anyone shine some light on its origins ?

#5 Trevor Griffiths

Why does the boys baby names only go up to T??

#4 Jared

I have a distant relative who married in Kensington, England by the name of Dorothy Clawr Burin (b. ~1716). Is this a Welsh name?

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