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Welsh Baby Baby Names

Welsh Baby Name Generator

Unique Welsh Baby Names & Meanings


Gaenor (Form of Gwenhyvar)  

Gar (Gentle, Enclosure, Watchful)

Garan (Stork)

Gareth (Gentle, Enclosure, Watchful)  

Garreth (Gentle, Enclosure, Watchful)

Garth (Gentle, Enclosure, Watchful)

Garwen (A mistress of King Arthur)

Gavan (White hawk)

Gavin (White hawk)

Gawain (Courteous)

Gawen (Courteous)

Gaynor (Variation of Gaenor)

Geraint (Gentle, or an old man)

Gerallt (Rule of the spear)  

Gerwyn (Fair love)

Gethen (Dark-skinned)

Gethin (Dark-skinned)

Gladys (Land, nation, sovereignty)  

Glain (Jewel)

Glaw (Rain)

Glenda (Pure good)

Glendower (Valley water)

Glenna (From the valley or glen)

Glenys (Riverbank, shore)

Glesni (Blue)

Glyn (Valley)  

Glyndwr (Valley water)

Glynis (Little valley)

Glynn (Valley)

Glynn (Little valley)

Goewyn (From the Mabinogion)

Gofannon (Smith)

Goleuddydd (Bright day)

Gorawen (Joy)

Gorlassar (Above the sky)

Goronwy (Meaning unknown)

Govannon (Smith)

Griff (Fierce chief, Ruddy)

Griffin (Lord, prince)

Griffith (A powerful lord)

Grigor (Watchful, vigilant)  

Gruffin (Lord, prince)

Gruffud (Lord, prince)

Gruffudd (Lord, prince)

Gruffydd (Lord, prince)

Grug (Heather)  

Grwn (Ridge)

Guorthigern (Overlord)

Gwalchgwyn (White hawk)

Gwalchmai (May hawk)

Gwalchmei (May hawk)

Gwanwyn (Spring)

Gwawr (Dawn)

Gwen (White, Fair, White wave)  

Gwenant (Means fair stream)

Gwenda (White, shining, holy)

Gwendolen (White ring)

Gwendolyn (White brow)  

Gwener (Welsh version of Venus, goddess of love)

Gweneth (White, blessed, fortunate)

Gwenfrewy (A Welsh saint)

Gwenhwyfar (Shining or holy spirit)

Gwenith (Wheat)

Gwenllian (Shining or holy stream)

Gwennan (Daughter of Brychan)

Gwenno (Nickname for Gwen)

Gwenyth (Wheat)

Gwilim (Will-helmet)  

Gwillym (Will-helmet)

Gwladys (Land, nation, sovereignty)

Gwledig (Ruler)

Gwlithen (Dewdrop)

Gwylan (Seagull)

Gwyn (White, fair)

Gwyn (White, blessed, fortunate)  

Gwyndolyn (Little valley)

Gwynedd (Happiness)

Gwynedd (After the county in North Wales)

Gwyneira (White snow)

Gwynfor (From the fair place)

Gwynn (Fair, holy)

Gwynn (White, blessed, fortunate)

Gwynne (White, Blessed, Fortunate)

Gwythyr (Conqueror)


Haf (Summer)

Hafgan (Summer song)

Hafren (Goddess of the river Severn)  

Halwn (Salt)

Halwyn (Salt)

Harri (Home ruler)  

Heddwyn (Blessed peace)

Hefeydd (Unknown)

Hefin (Summer)

Heilyn (A steward)

Heledd (Goodness)

Heuldys (Sun setting on the hill)

Heulog (Sunny)

Heulwen (Sun shining)

Heulyn (Ray of sunshine)

Howell (Eminent)

Huw (Heart and mind)  

Hywel (Eminent)

Hywela (Eminent)


Iago (Supplanter)  

Ianto (God is gracious)

Idelle (Welsh version of Ida)

Idris (Ardent lord)

Idwal (The lord of the wall)

Iefan (Welsh form of John)

Iestin (Welsh form of Justin)  

Iestyn (Welsh form of Justin)

Ieuan (Welsh form of John)  

Ifan (Welsh form of John)  

Ifanna (Female version of the name Ifan)

Ifor (Ifor)  

Ilar (Cheerful)

Illtud (Multitude of people)

Illtyd (Multitude of people)

Ina (Daughter of Ceredig)

Ioan (Welsh form of John)  

Iola (Worth, value)

Iolo (A handsome lord)

Iolyn (A handsome lord)

Iona (From Ionawr, Welsh word for January)

Iorweth (A handsome lord)

Irwen (Female version of Irwyn)

Isolde (Fair one)

Iwan (Welsh form of John)  


Jenna (White wave, White spirit, White cheeked)

Jenni (White wave, White spirit, White cheeked)

Jennifer (White wave, White spirit, White cheeked)

Jenny (White wave, White spirit, White cheeked)


Leri (Short form of Meleri, Eleri and Teleri)

Lili (Welsh version of Lily)  

Liliwen (Means white lily)

Lilybet (God's promise)

Linette (Idol)

Llew (Lion-like)  

Llewelyn (Lion-like)

Llian (Short form of Gwenllian)

Llinos (Welsh word for linnet, a bird)

Llio (Short form of Gwenllian)

Llion (Pet form of Gwenllian)

Lloyd (Grey-haired)

Llywellyn (Lion-like)

Llywelyn (Lion-like)  

Lowri (Crown of laurels)  

Loyd (Grey-haired)  

Luned (From Eluned)

Lyn (Variant for of Lynn)

Lynn (From the Welsh word for lake)

Lynne (Variant for of Lynn)


Mab (Baby)

Mabli (Loveable)

Mabon (A son)

Mabyn (A son)

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Macsen (The greatest rival)  

Maddox (Champion, Good fortune)

Maddy (Champion, Good fortune)

Madlen (Welsh form of Magdalene)

Madoc (Champion, Good fortune)

Madog (Champion, Good fortune)

Madox (Champion, Good fortune)

Maelona (Divine Princess)

Mai (May)

Maidoc (Champion, Good fortune)

Mair (Welsh form of Mary)  

Mairwen (Fair Mary)  

Maldwyn (Brave friend)

Maledisant (Ill Speech)

Mali (Welsh form of Molly)

Mallt (Welsh form of Matilda)

Manon (Queen)

March (Horse)

Maredudd (Sea day)

Marged (Welsh form of Margaret)  

Marlen (Sea hill)

Marlin (Sea hill)

Martyn (Warlike)  

Marwin (Sea hill)

Mawrth (Of the sea)

Maxen (Greatest rival)

Meagan (Strong)

Medi (September)

Medwyn (A Welsh saint)

Meg (Strong)

Megan (Strong)  

Megann (Strong)

Meggy (Strong)

Megless (Strong)

Megs (Strong)

Meical (Who is like God)  

Meinir (Slender, tall)

Melangell (Welsh patron saint of animals)

Meleri (St. David's grandmother)

Meredith (Protector of the sea)

Mererid (Pearl)

Meri (Protector of the sea)

Meridith (Protector of the sea)

Meriel (Bright sea)

Merry (Protector of the sea)

Modlen (Tower)

Modron (Mother)

Mon (Mon, the mother of Wales)

Mona (Place name)

Morcan (Bright sea)

Morfudd (Great benefit)

Morgan (White sea, Bright, Dweller by the sea)  

Morgana (White sea, Bright, Dweller by the sea)

Morganica (White sea, Bright, Dweller by the sea)

Morwen (Maiden)

Myfanwy (Sweet lady)

Myfi (Short form of Myfanwy)

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Nerys (Lord)

Nest (Welsh version of Agnes)  

Nesta (Welsh version of Agnes)

Nia (Lustre, sheen, brilliance)

Non (Mother of St. David, patron saint of Wales)

Nona (Mother of St. David, patron saint of Wales)


Olwen (White footprint)

Olwenna (White footprint)

Olwin (White footprint)

Olwyn (White footprint)

Owena (Born to nobility)  


Paderau (Rosery)

Petra (Welsh feminine form of Peter)

Philomen (Song lover, Friend, Lover of the moon)


Rhan (Fate)

Rhawn (Coarse or long hair)

Rhedyn (Fern)

Rhiain (Maiden)

Rhiamon (Great queen, Witch)

Rhian (Maiden)

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Rhiannon (Great queen, Witch)

Rhianon (Great queen, Witch)

Rhianwen (Shining maiden)

Rhodd (Gift)

Rhonda (Grand)

Rhonwen (White or fair-haired)

Rhosyn (Rose)  

Riana (Great queen, Witch)

Rianne (Great queen, Witch)

Riannon (Great queen, Witch)

Rowena (White or fair-haired)


Saeth (Arrow)

Saffir (Sapphire)

Sara (Welsh form of Sarah)  

Sarff (Snake)

Seren (Star)

Sian (God's gracious gift)  

Sioned (Welsh form of Janet)  

Siriol (Content)

Siwan (Bright as the sun)  


Taffy (Beloved)

Talaith (Diadem)

Talar (From the headland in the field)

Tanwen (Shining or holy fire)

Tarian (Shield)

Tarran (From the knoll)

Tegan (Darling, Loved one)

Tegau (Darling, Loved one)

Tegeirian (Pretty, Beautiful)

Tegwen (Pretty, fine, shining)

Tegwyn (Pretty, fine, shining)

Telyn (Harp)

Terrwyn (Brave)

Tesni (Warmth from the sun)

Tirion (Gentle, happy)

Tiwlip (Tulip)

Tonwen (Unknown)

Toreth (Abundant)

Torlan (From the river bank)

Torri (Break)

Tristana (Clamour)


Una (White wave)


Vala (Chosen)

Vanora (White wave)


Wenda (Variant of Gwendolyn)

Win (Fair)

Winn (Fair)

Wyn (Fair)

Wynn (Fair)

Wynne (Fair)


Ysbail (Consecrated to God)

Yseult (Form of Isolde)