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Welsh Baby Girl Names

Welsh Baby Name Generator

Unique Welsh Girl Names & Meanings


Aberfa (From the mouth of the river)

Abertha (From a word meaning sacrifice)

Adain (From a Welsh word meaning winged)

Adara (Catches birds)

Addfwyn (From a word meaning meek)

Aderyn (A bird)

Aelwen (Fair browed)

Aelwyd (From the hearth)

Aeres (Welsh name for heiress)

Aeron (Celtic goddess of battle and slaughter, Agrona)

Aerona (Female version of Aeron)

Aeronwen (Fair)

Afanen (Raspberry)

Afon (Name of a river)

Alaw (Water lily)  

Alis (Welsh form of Alice)  

Alwen (A river in Clwyd)

Alwena (Variant of Alwen)

Amser (Time)

Aneira (Truly golden)

Angharad (Free from shame)

Angwen (Very handsome)

Anna (Name of one of King Arthur's sisters)

Annwyl (Beloved)  

Anwen (Meaning very fair or blessed)

Anwyn (Variant of Anwen)

Aranrhod (Huge round wheel)

Argel (Refuge)

Arglwyddes (From a word meaning lady)

Argoel (Omen)

Arial (Vigorous)

Arianell (Silver)

Arianwen (White, fair, blessed, shining, holy)

Arlais (From the temple)

Armes (Prophetess)

Arthes (She bear)

Arwen (Female version of Arwyn)

Arwydd (Sign)

Asgre (From a word meaning heart)

Aures (Gold)

Auron (Gold, a divine ending)

Aylwen (A fair brow)


Banon (From a word meaning queen)

Begw (Short form of Megan)

Berth (Beautiful)

Berthog (Wealthy)

Berwyn (Fair-haired)

Bethan (A form of Elizabeth)  

Betrys (The blessed one)

Bleddyn (Like a wolf)

Bledig (Like a wolf)

Blodeuwedd (Appears like flowers)

Blodeuyn (Flower)

Blodwen (White flower)

Braith (Freckled)

Bran (Crow, raven)

Branwen (Beautiful)

Bregus (Frail)

Briallen (A Primrose)

Brin (A hill)

Bron (Short for Bronwen)

Bronwen (White)

Bronwyn (Fair breast)

Brychan (Pied, spotted, speckled)

Bryn (A hill)

Brynmor (A large hill)

Brynn (Hill)

Buddug (Victory)


Cadwyn (Bright chain)

Caethes (Slave)

Cafell (Oracle)

Caitrin (Pure)

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Canaid (Song)

Caradoc (Friendly)

Cari (To love, friend)  

Caron (Loving or kind-hearted)

Carryl (Love)

Carys (The beloved one)

Catrin (Pure)  

Ceinwen (Blessed and fair)

Ceri (To love)  

Ceridwen (Fair poetry)

Cerwen (White)

Corsen (Reed)

Cragen (Shell)

Cranogwen (Linked to the place Llangrannog)

Creirwy (Daughter of the goddess Ceridwen)

Crisiant (Like a crystal)

Cristyn (Welsh version of Christine)

Crystin (Welsh version of Christine)  

Cymreiges (A woman of Wales)