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Welsh Baby Boy Names

Welsh Baby Name Generator

Unique Welsh Boy Names & Meanings


Aeron (An unusual boy's name)

Afan (Celtic saint's names, name of a river)

Afon (Name of a river)  

Aled (Offspring)

Alun (Harmony)  

Alwyn (Great white, blessed)  

Anarawd (Undisgraced, free of shame)

Andras (Man, warrior)

Aneirin (Modest, noble)

Aneurin (Truly golden)

Angwyn (Very handsome)

Arawn (Unrestrained wildness)

Art (Bear hero, A rock)

Arthfael (Warrior prince)

Arthus (Bear hero, A rock)

Arwel (Prominent)

Atawn (Harmony)

Awstin (Venerable)  


Bedwyr (A knight of King Arthur)

Berwyn (Fair-haired)  

Bleddyn (Like a wolf)  

Bledig (Like a wolf)

Bowen (Son of Owen)

Braith (Diversely-coloured)

Bran (Crow, raven)  

Brenin (King)  

Brychan (Pied, spotted, speckled)  

Bryn (A hill)  

Brynmor (A large hill)  


Cadell (The battle spirit)  

Cadfael (Battle prince)  

Cadfan (Battle raven)

Cadoc (Battle)

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Cadwalader (Battle leader)

Cadwgawn (Battle glory)

Caerwyn (Fair love)

Cai (Lord)  

Caradoc (Dearly loved)

Caron (To love)  

Carwyn (Dearly loved)

Cedrych (Bounty, Spectacle, Founder)

Cefin (Little comely one)  

Celyn (Holly)  

Ceri (To love)

Cledwyn (Rough but blessed)  

Colwyn (Name of a river)  

Conway (Hound of the plains)

Conwy (Hound of the plains)

Crisiant (Like a crystal)

Cynddelw (Exalted effigy)

Cynfor (A great chief)

Cynwrig (High hill)