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Family spelling variants includes Donall, Donal, Danielson, Daniel

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Danielson Family History

This is a patronymic surname which is derived from the name of an ancestor and, as such, means 'son of Daniel'. The suffix 's' is added to make the related form 'Daniels', as well as 'son' to form 'Danielson'.

It ultimately comes from the Hebrew personal name, Daniel (meaning 'God is my judge'), which is prominent in the Bible, and as such became popular during medieval times in Britain.

Early examples of the surname appear in the 13th century Liber Feodorum where an Alicia Daniel of Gloucestershire is named, and the 14th century Kikby's Quest where a Simon Danyel of Somerset is recorded. Other early spelling variations include Danyell, Daniell and Danyl as recorded on the 1379 Poll Tax of Yorkshire.

In Ireland, Daniel may have developed into the forms Donall, Donald and Donagh, and in Scotland it was adopted as an equivalent form for Donald.

In Wales, both the forms Daniel and Daniels are used and are more common in the south than in the north. Both these forms relate to an ancestor with the personal name Daniel who would have lived at some point between the 16th and 19th centuries when fixed, hereditary surnames first emerged in Wales. Families in the western half of the country adopted fixed surnames much later than in other areas.

In England, the surname is more commonly seen in the south of the country, in particular in Cornwall, Devon, Gloucestershire, Worcestershire, Kent, Norfolk and Bedfordshire.



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given name and a surname. "Daniel" was a very popular personal name throughout medieval Europe, due largely to the dramatic story contained in the biblical "Book of Daniel", and also to the fame of a 2nd Century Christian martyr and a 9th Century hermit, legends of whose life were popular during the Middle Ages among Christians...

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Martin Daniels

My granddad's surname was Daniels. I did not know him well. He had, I think, seven sons. One of these sons was my father, Dawid Daniels, My dad fought in the Second World in Egypt against the British. He served in the army formed by the then Apartheid Regime (Government) of South Africa. I was born in a small town named Upington. It is nearby the well-known South African town Kimberley where diamonds were discovered. It is also home of the famous Big Hole. I have three bothers and three sisters. One is a medical doctor. Two of our seven children are teachers. Of the seven of us, two has since died. We are five still living in South Africa. I think my father and grandfather and great grand father has their origins in Ireland, but I am not sure. It will be interesting to hear from other people worldwide with the surname of Daniels.

Michael Daniels

Hello my name is Michael R Daniels. Im trying to find out what part of Ireland my family came from and if there are any Daniels left there.


gabriel daniels


My grandad has a jaded past but I think I have managed to trace relatives in Dartmouth, london & roscommon so far


Hello, my name is Tracy Daniel's and I recently found out that I am 68% Irish. I would love to know more about my descendants. My grandfather's name was Tilden Daniels.


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