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Boy names Girl names

Welsh girls names

Aderyn (A bird)
Almedha (Shapely)
Aneira (Truly golden)
Angharad (Free from shame)
Angwen (Very handsome)
Ariene (Silvery)
Awsta (Majestic or revered)
Aylwen (A fair brow)
Berwyn (Fair-haired)
Bethan (A form of Elizabeth)
Betrys (The blessed one)
Blodwen (White flower)

Branwen (Beautiful)
Briallen (A Primrose)
Bronwen (White)
Bryn (A hill)
Carryl (Love)
Carys (The beloved one)
Catrin (Pure)
Ceinwen (Blessed and fair)
Ceridwen (Fair poetry)
Crisiant (Like a crystal)
Delyth (Neat and pretty)
Derryth (Of the Oak)


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